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Justice League Dark 2017 - Movie Streaming Download

Justice League Dark - Justice League Dark is a 2017 American animated superhero film produced by Warner Bros. Animation and distributed by Warner Home Video. Featuring the DC Comics team of the same name created by Peter Milligan and Mikel Janin, the film is the twenty-seventh film in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series. It was released digitally on January 24, 2017 and is set to be released on DVD and Blu-ray on February 7, 2017. The film is directed by Jay Oliva, and stars the voices of Matt Ryan, Jason O'Mara, Camilla Luddington, Nicholas Turturro, and Ray Chase. It is the first Justice League film and the second DC Universe animated film to receive an R rating from the MPAA.

PLOT Justice League Dark

A woman is rear ended in her car and when she emerges she sees a demon. It's shown the demons she is seeing are just normal people. However, the demon approaches her window and in terror she speeds off down the street. Other people are shown as demons as she runs them down in the street. She continues to run down people until her car is stopped by Wonder Woman who confronts the woman on her actions. The woman screams that she is seeing demons, and pleads if Wonder Woman also sees them. Wonder Woman surveys the carnage around her and replies, "I see only one".

A man is shown in his house confronting what he believes are demons with a shotgun. The wife with her children plead to her husband to stop, but before the husband can pull the trigger, Superman and cops enter the house to stop him. The husband pleads with Superman that demons have killed his family and have killed his neighbors as well. He tells them to check the shed to understand. Upon entering the shed, Superman and the police come across a grisly scene as the neighbors are shown hanging or wrapped in plastic, dead inside.

Batman confronts a woman on the top of a tall building. She is crying looking at her baby. Batman asks the woman to come back off the side of the building. She apologizes, saying she has given birth to the Devil. The woman sees her small baby as a demon spawn. For a moment she hesitates to give the baby to Batman, before seeing the demon spawn lash out and she tosses the baby over the side of the building. Batman uses grappling hooks to save the baby and lands on a nearby archway. A loud thump is heard and the mother's body is seen on the sidewalk. Batman apologizes to the crying baby.

At the Justice League headquarters scenes of carnage and horror are watched on-screen. The Justice League discuss the situation and comes to the conclusion that a paranormal element may be involved. Batman discusses his disbelief that these crimes are caused by magic and walks out.

Batman returns to his home where he cuts himself shaving due to an unseen force behind him. After finding the name "Constantine" written on his mirror, he emerges from his bathroom to find it written all over his walls.

John Constantine is playing poker with Jason Blood and the Demons Three. The opposing player dealing has been cheating throughout the game, changing his cards with magic. He changes his hand in a match and raises Constantine out of the game. Constantine reveals he is raising the stakes, and bets the House of Mystery. It causes the Demons Three to discuss the situation and begin a ritual to call the bet with a large spiked ruby called "The Dreamstone". The Demons Three call John and John uses his own magic to change the cards back to their original state when the demon calls.

Batman visits the magician Zatanna after one of her performances and begins to ask about Constantine. Deadman possesses Batman once again and tells Zatanna she needs to bring Batman to John. Zatanna agrees to bring Batman to Constantine, but on the way to the House of Mystery a conjured tornado is set against them. The trio narrowly make it in time to make it inside John's house.

A brawl ensues from the chaos of the card game. Constantine fights the demons until he is brought to a rather desperate situation and forces Jason Blood to transform into Etrigan, much to Jason's frustration. Etrigan proceeds to defeat the Demons Three and return to Jason's form.

Batman explains to John the recent spikes in homicide may have a magical component. During this time, John casts a spell to make Deadman visible. Black Orchid makes an appearance as a manifestation of the House of Mystery. Black Orchid finds great interest in Deadman. After some exposition on everyone present by Black Orchid, the group form gathers to share information. After a quick discussion the team is formed.

The team visits a friend of John's named Ritchie Simpson. Outside Ritchie's house shroud spirits await to collect his soul. Constantine banishes the shrouds after some banter between them. The door opens revealing Ritche who is very surprised to see them, most of all, Batman.

It is revealed John has a past with Ritchie that gave him some kind of magical cancer. Ritchie's frustration with John is overcome by Batman's mention that innocent lives are at stake. Ritchie gives John the magical artifact in his possession that he thinks will allow him to probe the mind of the man who killed his neighbors, who is currently being held in a hospital.

Zatanna and John enter the man's mind together while Deadman possesses a nurse who stumbles upon the group. While inside the man's mind, Zatanna and John discuss their past and, possibly, their future. At the hospital, a demon made of living feces is conjured out of the bathroom with a loud entrance from the toilet. A horrible smell emanates from the bathroom throughout the hospital. A nurse walks to the bathroom to investigate, when an arm of feces reaches out and drags her to her death inside the bathroom. The monster of feces bursts out of the bathroom and begins to move down the hall, scattering hospital staff while killing a nurse, dissolving him down to his bones. Deadman exits the body of the nurse he was inhabiting, and begins to follow the feces monster down the hall. Deadman jumps into the body of security guards who are hopelessly shooting the monster, pushing another guard out of the way and saving both their lives. Chasing after the feces monster, he attempts to do the same for another guard without success. Batman confronts the monster, slowing it down with a mix of the hospital sprinkler system and a defibrillator machine. Meanwhile John and Zatanna witness the beginning of the hospitalized man's descent into darkness, being possessed by a dark figure.

Deadman continues to possess various hospital staff to save themselves and the hospitalized man. The feces monster manages to grab the man, and begins to devour him and the entrance into his mind. John and Zatanna narrowly manage to escape before the feces creature consumes the man while they exit his mind, where Zatanna proceeds to destroy the monster.

Returning to Ritchie's, the team finds him about to die, with the apartment nearly destroyed and Jason Blood standing over him. Batman revives Ritchie with a shot to the chest, but he quickly falls into a coma. Blood attempts to flee the scene but is captured by Constantine. Interrogating Blood, he tells the team that he did not attempt to hurt Ritchie, but was looking for a way into the House of Mystery to find the Dreamstone. Blood recounts of a time when, as a knight of Camelot, Destiny came to conquer the lands using the Dreamstone. Blood fought against him, but was killed. Merlin summoned Etrigan to destroy Destiny, offering him freedom in return. Etrigan battled Destiny and mortally wounded him, but Merlin bound Etrigan to Jason Blood, anticipating that Destiny was not truly destroyed.

Ritchie awakens and names Felix Faust as his assailant before falling back asleep. In order to locate Faust, Constantine and the team go to find Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing agrees to transport them to Faust's observatory, but declines to join the group's fight. Infiltrating Faust's lair, the wizard battles the team, but ultimately is defeated by Zatanna using a magical artifact. However, Faust is found to have no involvement in hurting Ritchie.

Back at the House of Mystery, Ritchie awakens and seemingly destroys Black Orchid, revealing himself to have the other piece of the Dreamstone, and assuming control over the House. Ritchie reveals that he had been using the Dreamstone to keep his cancer in remission, but is killed when the Dreamstone brings Destiny back to life. Destiny declares himself a god and destroys the House. Zatanna saves the group, passing out from exertion. The Justice League tries to fight Faust, but he makes them perceive each other as demonic threats. Etrigan attacks Destiny, but is separated back into Jason Blood and Etrigan. Constantine summons Swamp Thing, who agrees to fight Destiny, as Batman and Zatanna disable the Justice League. Destiny defeats Swamp Thing by taking Alec Holland's corpse from his body.

Constantine tricks Destiny into bringing him and Deadman within his protective shield, allowing Deadman to wound Destiny, before Constantine, Batman, and Blood destroy Destiny's body, leaving Ritchie, whose cancer kills him shortly after. Blood succumbs to his mortal wound from centuries before.

Zatanna agrees to join the Justice League, while Constantine declines. The two return to the now rebuilt House of Mystery, agreeing to have a drink together.

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