Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Solid Lower Level Link Building Tool

Link Building Tool

Check This Out: A Solid Lower Level Link Building Tool - How is that link building going for you? Still a pain in the ass?
Building the lower layer of links can be a royal pain the behind.
Lately I’ve come across this tool that can automate a lot of the painful routines for you or your contractors.
* Create worpdress blogs in WPMU hosts
* Create blogspot blogs
* Create tumblr blogs
* Post comments on Pligg hosts
It does it automatically too. Creates the email accounts, fills the forms, breaks the captchas, pretty much everything.
You can also enter your own {spun | creatively written | machine generated} content on it using the typical content spinner export format.
If you spend some time mastering the tool you can create networks of blogs and manage them using a blog network manager. Haven’t tried this yet but looks pretty decent. This means you can build different layers of link equity without worrying about your own self hosted domains.
Check these videos for some more detail:

Getting links:

Managing your blog farm:

This tool could work wonders for spammers trying to build the bottom layer of their link pyramids. Don’t be a lazy ass, do a good job avoiding footprints and generating good quality content.
I’m told Version 2.0 is being worked on. The big promise is a task manager/scheduler with which you will be able to set up your projects and forget about them for as long as you like.

Source: SEOBlackhat

Sagitarius Kusadhi